WWE 2K22: New Hairstyles, Special Referee, DLC Leaks & MORE! – 5 Secret Updates In Patch 1.09 2022 New Styles

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On April 19th, 2022, 2K released one of the biggest updates in WWE Games history by adding Patch 1.09 to WWE 2K22. On top of everything included in the patch notes, there are also many hidden secrets in this latest patch and we share some of those with you today!

Full Patch 1.09 Notes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uqzcg5f2kWE



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20 thoughts on “WWE 2K22: New Hairstyles, Special Referee, DLC Leaks & MORE! – 5 Secret Updates In Patch 1.09 2022 New”
  1. They did add new hairstyles however my Caw hairstyle was removed and is now glitched. As it’s still on her but i can’t remove it or edit it and if I would add a hairstyle it would be under her current hair.

  2. I don’t understand why Kayden Carter isn’t in any of the DLC packs considering she’s Kacy Catenzaro’s tag team partner.

  3. I feel like they should add alot of favorites and NXT favorites to the game like it genuinely bothers me that bron breakers no in the game

  4. Since the DLC packs are usually $9.00 I think they will be around that much

  5. I just hate how with the upcoming dlcs I practically have to buy all of them just to get current superstars I.e OMOS Kacy C Doudrop etc I could careless about yokozuna, Umaga, rikishi, Logan Paul etc etc I only play universe mode and none of the legends will be in my universe

  6. Yokozuna and Umaga looks good c’mon they haven’t been in the game for awhile

  7. 2K is going to 2K and bc some people couldn’t time chair shots properly or likely just wanted to spam chair shots 2K caved and sped up the animation – now chair swings look like a cartoon animation – too fast and unrealistic. 2K ruined what was a perfect chair shot animation – whenever they cave to the online arcade freaks the gameplay suffers – entrances were needed, but the chair shot animation was perfect and now it’s sped up and looks ridiculous – with patch 1.09 the chair is swung like it weighs nothing and weightless weapons have been a lingering issue.

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