The World of Mormon Influencers: Cute Girls Hairstyles | Brooklyn & Bailey 2022 New Styles

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Welcome back to the Mormon influencers series with one of our most requested Mormon influencer videos: Cute girls hairstyles and Brooklyn and Bailey.


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20 thoughts on “The World of Mormon Influencers: Cute Girls Hairstyles | Brooklyn & Bailey 2022 New”
  1. I’d love a follow up if there’s more updates. Kamri who is younger than the twins but older than Rylan goes to BYU. Her outfits are just as revealing but I don’t get how she isn’t breaking honor code

  2. Wow!!! I didn’t know Brooklyn & Bailey are mormon, I live in waco tx, where they attended Baylor, so I assumed their family as a whole was Baptist/Methodist. I only found out they were youtuber/stars when they attended Baylor, I didn’t even know they moved to Texas, I thought they were a successful texan family (as Allen texas is a higher end living metropolitan area) close to Highland Park, Plano, Grapevine..but anyways the optics fit when you compare other mormon family vloggers..I don’t think Brooklyn, Bailey & Mindy are bad people, but Mormonism as a religion has some serious problems in my opinion

  3. Awesome video again guys 🙂 love watching you guys fangirling over fundie fridays and vice versa 😀

  4. i love the influencer videos, your effort is greatly appreciated 🙏🏻 and i’m so sad the exmo candle co doesn’t ship internationally so it’s great that you’re making the giveaway international :’)

  5. Lol never been a Mormon, but my Evangelical mother made me tithe the 5 dollar allowance I had as a kid. It was the worst!! 10% to church and 10% to savings, so I only got up to 80% of any allowance lol

  6. maybe I’m hallucinating, but I think the church has actually gotten worse on trans issues than they were 20 years ago. I specifically remember watching a documentary short no more than a decade ago about a mormon woman who was out as trans to her family and I think still regularly went to church, but I can barely remember her now. perhaps it was one of those things where since it wasn’t on church HQ’s radar as much, there was more room for “personal revelation”

  7. Please please please follow a cute girls video on McKay’s hair!!

    1) his hair will be beautiful
    2) challenge gender stereotypes
    3) please

  8. Yes, weddings are good for views/income. Also, “The Wedding” is the last time christian or Mormon women can make decisions without checking with a peni$ first. They’re harkening back to a time when they had complete control over anything.

  9. I’ve been here since the first candle give away !!!! So proud of you guys! Your channel and fundie Friday’s have been feeding my special interest and I can’t wait for the next video!!!

  10. I’ll light the candle to give a background scent for my flamingly gay furry o**ies!

  11. I grew up christian in a non denominational church and as a child my parents encouraged us to tithe from any money we got. Birthday money, graduation money, christmas money, allowance money. Didn’t matter what it was from they “encouraged” us to tithe. If I chose not to my parents gave me the side eye, and i would feel guilty for not doing it.

  12. i’ve been waiting for this one! both for the content and for the giveaway info. love your content and can’t wait for the next video 😄

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