Men’s Hairstyles That Women Can’t Stand | Mens Fashioner | Ashley Weston 2022 New Styles

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My list of the WORST men’s hairstyles that women absolutely HATE.

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19 thoughts on “Men’s Hairstyles That Women Can’t Stand | Mens Fashioner | Ashley Weston 2022 New”
  1. In real life any kind of cuts it is not bad when you are handsome.
    But she got the point when it’s about looks you need to consider what is the best cut that suits you.

  2. Since when we care about women’s opinion on men’s hairstyles? Lol

    Also, make a video like that but opposite and see the whole world go ape$hit.

  3. Haha why does Ashley hate the man bun so much. It’s the go to for post Covid era. Especially when you don’t want your hair all over your face. It’s my go to for running around the house not really going out though

  4. As a baldie, I think Ashley forgot to mention one important point: Statham, The Rock, Vin Diesel are all jacked af. That’s the thing with shaving your head. People tend to look up and you want them to look down. So the best thing to do if you start shaving your head is to get a ripped body as well.

  5. Rarely agree with Ashley’s opinions, but have to agree with 98% of what she puts forth here! My 2% disagreement is with the bald look. If God gave you some hair, you should learn to work with it! For myself I cut it enough to keep it out of my eyes on windy days and brush the rest straight back to just off the neck. Doesn’t need much maintenance & I get compliments on it… but again, I’m an old guy in my 70’s!

  6. I assume the undercut is considered different from Korean’s two block cut, which a lot of Korean male celebrities wear?

  7. So what she saying is… That an non harsh undercut is alright and a “harsh one” is not?… Lol… What difference will 2 millimeters of hair make?… Haha… I’d rather my Barber just take it to the skin on the sides and back… 💈

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