I’m bored…Try Some Beautiful Hairstyles with me! 2022 New Styles

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Are you bored? Then try some beautiful, insane hairstyles with me!
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These are some styles that I’ve done across the years and across the many, many different fashions of hair that I rocked at the time. Can you tell which were wigs, and which were my hair?
Let me know down in the comments!


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20 thoughts on “I’m bored…Try Some Beautiful Hairstyles with me! 2022 New”
  1. Stella : dyes her hair cuz shes bored
    Me : watches her dye cuz im bored lol

  2. You really need to do like a hair care favorite video for healthy hair. Shampoo conditioner serums you use to get think healthy hair. I dye my hair alot and I could use a video like that!!! Live your videos I’ve been following you a long time now! 🥰🥰 keep up the great work

  3. Hi Stella! i’ve been watching you for years and recently ( Friday April 8) My mother passed away after a year and half of a devastating and prolonged illness. This has completely devastated me and my entire family, She was a writer, a amazing mother, and animal lover and k once of the smartest people i’ll ever meet in my entire life i’m sure. She loved Musicals (Hamilton, wicked, etc.) And Joni Mitchell, billy Joel, Simon and Garfunkel. Knew everything thing there was to know about the Kennedys. I’m the youngest (16) of her six kids (QThree of whom are in college and two are heading to it in the next two years. I know it’s cliche to say, but our family is normally a very private family so we really don’t do this, but I figured it couldn’t hurt as there’s are six kids and four who are still in college and five in the house with four pets. I was wondering if you could share the link to our go fund me. During the two days where my mother was on hospice. I kept trying to find videos that I knew would be light hearted and something to watch. Your were a leg of three or four other you-tubers that I could actually watch. Your videos provided that for me and I truly can’t thank you enough for that. It seemed like any other video I watched would mention death and/or make some insensitive joke. Thank you for giving that to me. even just tweeting or mentioning it at the end of the video would be incredibly helpful. once again thank you and keep being you. ❤️


  4. Love the looks 💕 Would you ever do a series like What I wore this week in outfits? It would be awesome, just wondering 😎

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