HAIR STYLES FOR VERY THIN AND BALDING HAIR BY USING HAIR FIBRE || पाओ घने बाल बस अब कुछ ही देर में 2022 New Styles

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What Are Hair Building Fibers?
Hair building fibers (or hair fibers) are camouflaging products made of keratin protein. They are available in either spray form or as a powder that you can spray or sprinkle on your scalp. These fibers contain static electricity charges and stick to your hair, giving it natural coverage and making it appear fuller and thick. These products are available in various shades to match your natural hair color.




How Do Hair Fibers Work?
The hair fibers are made of keratin extracted from wool, rice, rayon, or even human hair. Each fiber is positively charged, while natural human hair surface is negatively charged (1), (2). The fibers latch to the natural hair surface due to the opposing charges, covering the thinning spot and giving a fuller appearance.The hair fibers can match with any hair type or texture and can be easily washed off.

They do not require binding glues and are cost-effective, easy to apply, and look natural. If you are wondering whether you can use hair fibers or not

Tips To Use Hair Fibers
Ensure to pick a product that is an exact match of your natural hair color. If you have colored your hair, opt for hair fibers in the same shade. This ensures a natural appearance.
Use the hair building fibers on dry hair as they cannot bind to wet hair. Clumped wet hair prevents even distribution. Avoid swimming with the product on your scalp to avoid washing it off.

Do not overuse the hair fibers. Start with a little bit of product and build up gradually until you get the desired coverage.
Do not comb after applying the hair fibers as that will remove the product from the hair. Style your hair first, and then apply.
You may also use a fiber hold spray to secure the hair fibers in place for a longer time. These sprays do not affect the bonds between topical fibers and natural hair.
Do not use heat styling tools after applying topical hair fibers.
Use a hair fiber applicator for precise application. It spreads the hair fibers evenly for a more natural look.
Do not apply the hair fibers on oily and conditioned hair. Oils and conditioners minimize the negative charge on the hair. As a result, the hair fibers cannot adhere to the strands properly.

Avoid using a smoothing serum, mousse, or hair cream before applying hair fibers. The smoothing products reduce any interfiber friction and make it difficult for the hair fibers to attach to natural hair shafts.
Use a fiber hair comb to adjust your hairstyle after applying the hair fibers. These combs are soft and will not remove the hair building fibers.

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