Day 2 Curly Hair Refresh | Curly Hairstyles 2022 New Styles

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Where are my curly haired queens at? I’ve told you already that we must not wash our hair everyday. So then what do we do? Here’s a day 2 curly hair refresh that both you and your hair will love, and probably everyone who sees you.

Products used:
Instant Recovery Serum:
Air Dry Cream:
Nurture Shampoo:
Embody Conditioner:
Dyson Hair Dryer & Diffuser Attachment:

7 ways to take better care of your hair:

Curly hair maintenance and styling:

Take my JVN Hair quiz, too, so you can achieve these gorgeous curls!

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16 thoughts on “Day 2 Curly Hair Refresh | Curly Hairstyles 2022 New”
  1. Tell me something good today👇!! Also, all products linked in the description!

  2. Don’t have curly hair, but still here and loving every bit of this!!!!

  3. Hai anna iam Nagendar Anna na age 42 qualification m.l.t medical lab techniciank ,Srpt lo jobs unte cheppagalaru anna.with govt Jobs

  4. Please do wavy because as someone who’s not quite curly I try to do a curly process and it gets a bit rats nesty. So far I’m only good at getting the full Russian Doll.

  5. La mejor parte es ver a LYNELLEE.Uno se da cuenta de lo locop que es el fandom real.

  6. I love all these videos but she seemed less than happy with her hair 😬.

  7. this is so great i have short curly hair that’s growing back after a full shave last July and my scalp and hair has never been healthier. even at 10 months regrowth i am now ear length so it’s growing faster than ever. Question how often should you wash your scalp if you prone to Seborrheic dermatitis or an oily scalp.

  8. Omg!!! I love your hair! I wish my curls were beautiful like yours.

  9. Love this and love you, always! I have an arguably straight, sometimes curly hair that I still don’t know how to label. So I’m trying this anyways!

  10. Nothing like waking up and seeing a reminder on my phone of a new JVN YT video! 🙌🏻 Hope your hair products soon arrive to Sephora Mexico! Been having some FOMO since last year haha 🥲

    Have a beautiful day!! ✨

  11. I love these videos❤️, there are so many good explanations of how the hair works and why it is our hair behave the way it does

  12. Super helpful! I have natural curly hair and chopped it when I lost a lot from my chronic illness. I was so sad about it I refused to let it be curly until after watching all of your videos lately. Thank you so much! I just ordered the products too! 🙂❤🙂

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