BRIDGERTON hairstyles season 2🐝 Kate, Edwina & Daphne + Pat McGrath x BRIDGERTON makeup review💸👀 2022 New Styles

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Hey it’s jackie wyers & welcome back for this BRIDGERTON hairstyles season 2!🐝 kate, edwina & daphne + pat mcgrath bridgerton 2 makeup review💸👀 be sure to tag me if you use my tutorial so I can feature you in my next video xo

If you have somehow missed the culture phenomenon that is Bridgerton on Netflix, Bridgerton is a British period drama with epic romance, gorgeous costumes, intricate hairstyles and regency meets modern makeup.

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0:00 Daphne, Edwina & Kate inspo
1:15 Daphne’s Half Updo
6:00 Pat McGrath x Bridgerton Collection
8:25 Edwina’s Curly Updo
11:00 Kate’s Side Braid
13:20 More Bridgerton🐝

RANKING the Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton 2 collection!
1. pat mcgrath x bridgerton Blushing Delights

This is my most used product from the collection! If you want something you will use everyday and every season, I think this is a beautiful pick. The formula is stunning, the round component is really fun to keep and you can use the peach, pinks, roses & champagne to create a similar eye look that I wore inspired by Daphne.

2. pat mcgrath x bridgerton 2 SatinAllure™ Lipstick in Négligée (Neutral Pink Beige)

This is a beautiful formula and the perfect nude pink. I can see this flattering everyone! The component is so beautiful and while the rest of the collection is cardboard, this feels more expensive and has weight to it. Def a product I love having on my vanity and in my purse!

3. pat mcgrath bridgerton review MTHRSHP: Belle of the Ball

Don’t get me wrong, this palette is stunning & I love the metallic and shimmer finishes when you use your finger. The gold is BEAUTIFUL. I’m ranking it after the blush because I haven’t grabbed for it personally as much because I don’t wear a lot of shimmer often and you can use the blush for several of the peachy pink tones found in the palette. If you love a shimmery, glittery lid though, this would be a top choice. It’s quite expensive so I’m ranking it 3rd!

4. pat mcgrath labs bridgerton Skintillating Diamond Body Shimmer
Smells divine, this seductive shimmer gives an all-over glow and comes in 2 shades. I love it, but I tend to go for a cream body makeup for photoshoots and that’s the only time I go for any type of body makeup! This is last for practicality.

Overall, this collection is beautiful & my fav collection I’ve ever had. I’m a huge Bridgerton fan, I love the sets, costumes, hair, characters… all of it. Thank you Pat Mcgrath Labs for sending this to me – I adore it!

Follow Erika Okvist, this seasons hair & makeup leaf from season 2!

I love this behind the scenes article for trends:


Daphne “BRIDGERTON” hairstyles🐝 MODERN regency hair tutorial!

On my channel find iconic POP CULTURE beauty moments and how to re-create the look on yourself! The goal of my tutorials is to teach practical makeup & hair tips and tricks so you can Switch Up Your Style With Confidence while celebrating what you love.

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If you are reading this… comment the
“I’ve been sharpening my knives. For all of you”

I bought most of the outfits from Shein & Amazon, not the most ethical but girls gotta budget these videos lol I barely make anything off them! Links to items below:
Daphne inspired purple dress

Daphne inspired necklace but I removed the dangle:

Floral Studs

Pink Edwina top is from a local boutique!

white dress similar to Kate!
(I got xs, size up with this one if you have boobs because it cuts them off the little short)

Have more of a budget? Here is my modern Bridgerton wishlist! think girly dresses, tops, ect

H a i r P r o d u c t s U s e d

OGX Bodifying + Fiber Full Big Hair Spray

Add floral peices to match your hair instead of pinning into loops!

“Music from Epidemic Sound (”

Disclaimer: Not sponsored! I was gifted the Pat McGrath Labs collection & feel very lucky!

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  1. “I was sharpening my knives. For all of you” I love this vid! Currently making Bridgerton my whole aesthetic lol

  2. Every single person I’ve asked has told me they loved season 2 and didn’t like season 1 that much “Bcz it was boring!!” Honestly I’ve personally loved season 1 and didn’t find it boring at all. In season 1 I’ve really liked daphne and Simon as a couple. They have shown the marital conflicts and issues rather than just a love story and lastly Simon decides to break his vow and had a child with daphne clearly showed how much he cared and loved her. There wasn’t much of that family emotions like season 2 but I still loved it. Season 2 was definitely good without a doubt. The chemistry between Anthony and Kate gave me butterflies and not to mention a beautiful portrait of the relationship between the members of bridgerton family. I loved both of the seasons but I think I’m a little biased towards season 1. Can’t wait for season 3

    Anyway love your recreations,you’re so good at makeup. You’re a great inspiration for me when it comes to create celebrity makeup look. Thank you so much for your amazing work. Love you,Jackie❤

  3. 🌹🌹Love Your Video🌹🌹
    Super Stunning thumbnail tho
    You Looking So Beautiful
    Makeup always on Point
    Those BreAthtaking eyes love Em
    Happy Sunday night Too
    Have a MarvelouS Week Ahead

  4. “I was sharpening my knives for all of you” .Could you do an Allison Argent hair tutorial video, I loved your Lydia Martin recreation, also if your not to sick of it, could you do a part 3 for Lydia Martin hairstyles? (no pressure just some video ideas?) 😊😍

  5. talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique

  6. Notifications gang checking in! I love how much effort energy and attention to detail you put! And my favourite is the music 🎶

  7. So beautiful!! your hairdo, dress, and makeup, PERFECTION! 😻 Also your cat is super adorable! ♥️🥰

  8. Petition for Jackie to be daphnes stunt double…. Seriously y’all look like twins

  9. Can you do a Kate Sharma hair do? Simone Ashley’s braid in the first episode was really beautiful 😀

  10. Such gorgeous looks 😍 Also, big props for you for making such an indepth ranking of the products and for looking into the team behind Bridgerton and their thoughts about this season! Such a well done video!

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