10 Short Hairstyles That Make MEN 10x Better Looking 2022 New Styles

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Here’s 10 short hairstyles that’ll make all men more attractive.

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19 thoughts on “10 Short Hairstyles That Make MEN 10x Better Looking 2022 New”
  1. As a slight Zayn lookalike, I’m glad he makes cool cuts trend. Also love the undercut Dre Drexler look my guy

  2. Normally, I don’t vibe with “fashion gurus” on YouTube, but your channel’s pretty neat. My hairstyle has improved ever since I started to watch your videos, however I’d like to see more clothing advice from you since I’m lacking in that department 😔

  3. Dre I need your help I will be 20 this June, And I have done some mistakes and stupid bullshit things in my past and these things are disturbing me and i just can’t stop overthinking and i feel guilty. I’m unable to come out from the regrets from last 1.5 years

  4. I’ve tried Ocean Clay before and it’s hands down one of the best hair products out there. 🌊 😃

  5. After 2 years of having a long hair I’m rocking short hair…sometimes I let my hair be messy fringe and sometime I rock side part ☺️

  6. Ayyy great video bro, I just buzzed my head, so I looking for some great short hairstyles to do once it grows out a bit 💪👌👍

  7. I have the textured fringe undercut right now with medium length hair but my face looks round af with that any tips to style it better? I have an oval face

  8. Dre… mehn you know I am actually at a barber shop right now … mehn insane 😍.
    Appreciate the content .God bless you

  9. Dre, you crack me up with your concerns about your forehead. You look great with a buzz or with your hair back off it. Whoever told you your forehead was too big was messing with you. Don’t be so concerned about something that is not an issue. Whatever works for you my man and whatever helps you get where you are heading. Great video, though.

  10. Hey Dre when r u dropping a new challenge series, like the 21day WAKEUPŌSLEEPER challenge, I really enjoyed the process & I’m up for a new challenge

  11. Lol short hairstyles look great for men whose hair isn’t thinning out.

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